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Wrongful Termination - Verify Your References

When wrongful termination is established, an employee then has the right to sue his/her former employer for damages. This includes the loss of wage and "fringe" benefits, and, if against "public policy," additionally, for punitive damages. To bring a wrongful termination suit the discharge of the employee must have been without "good cause". The employee must have had an express contract of continued employment or there must have been an "implied" contract based on the circumstances of his/her hiring or legitimate reasons to believe the employment would be permanent. Also there may be a violation of statutory prohibitions against discrimination due to race, gender, sexual preference or age, or the discharge was contrary to "public policy" such as in retribution for exposing dishonest acts of the employer. An employee who believes he/she is the victim of a wrongful termination may bring an action for damages, as well as for breach of contract.

Please research our areas of wrongful termination below:

If your client is the victim of a wrongful termination, our professional and discrete staff can contact your former employer and inquire as to why an individual was terminated.  The former employer will not be aware that you are utilizing our service.  Our highly trained staff will contact the employer just as any other prospective employer would.  We know the specific types of questions that can elicit the information necessary to pursue a wrongful termination claim. 

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