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Job Reference Check Services

Placement of Accounting and Finance professionals in a variety of positions.

Applicant Screening
Save time and money by getting the right candidates.

Identify which candidates are the best fit for your company.

Attorneys / Employment Law
Top attorneys who specialize in this area of Law.

Career Coaching
Career, Business and Relocation Consulting.

Compensation and Benefits
Comprehensive information to help you manage rewards, incentives and benefits.

Conference Call
Use this tool to save time and work more efficiently.

Drug Screening
Ensure the health of your employees.

Employee Training
Make sure that your employees and new recruits get the training necessary to be successful.

HR Management
Focus on HR strategies and issues like globalization, mergers and more.

HR Technology
Information about the whole range of HR technology and how it can help you hire the best candidates.

Interview Coaching
The key to a successful interview is being prepared for any question. Don't be taken off guard; your response can make or break a job offer. Let us help!

Labor & Employee Relations
Stay up to date on issues, trends, and best practices in employee relations.

Information designed to provide you with a general understanding of employment laws and their implications.

Library Resources
Get all the information you need on a variety of subjects from HR news to outplacement services.

Office Products
Manage your resources and save money!

Organization Development
Broad coverage of ideas and processes for making your organization effective.

Recruiting Tools
Get ahead of the game with these recommended recruiting tools.

Relocation Center
Find out what cities have the most growth!

Resume Distribution Firms
Distribute your resume to Fortune 500 firms and Recruiters.

Resume Writing
A professional resume is the most important first step towards getting your dream job. Make sure yours will stand out in a sea of applicants.

Sales & Marketing Tools
You could do better if you had the right tools.

Skills Testing
Novice, Experienced or Guru? Find out for sure before you hire your next candidate.

Small Business
We have the small business help you've been looking for!

A great resource for addressing recruitment and retention challenges.

Practical solutions for every aspect of your training management, design, delivery and evaluation challenges.

Video Conferencing
Video Conferencing is the way to go! See how it can accelerate your business.

Work Visas
Educate yourself on what it takes to immigrate/emigrate to another country

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